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Knee & Hip pain/replacment

Letter From: Diane B.


Its been 2 years since I had both knees replaced. I think back to the excellent care you provided me during my recovery process.
I can not speak highly enough of your services I will keep referring clients to you.

Diane B.
Letter From: Sara S.

In early September I experienced a sudden onset of unprecipitated left hip pain. It was very painful to ascend stairs also lay upon the left hip. I tried over the counter pain medications which brought some relief, but the pain did not go away.

After 3 weeks, I consulted my massage therapist Pavel Maslennikov & he began deep tissue massage in the affected area of the left hip.

After the first treatment, I experienced immediate pain relief upon ascending stairs, but over the next few days the pain returned.

My second appointment was a week later & this time I also experienced immediate relief, whish lasted a few days.

My third treatment was a week later & this time the pain was almost gone except for an occasional twinge.

Two weeks later I had my forth treatment & at this time, I am pain free. Massage therapy works!!

Sara S.
Letter From: Cris C.

Pavel started working on my knees a week after I had a double knee replacement.
The swelling in the lower legs and ankles that usually lasts for quite a while after surgery were gone a week after he began therapy. The lack of swelling helped me to get up and around with much less pain and difficulty. It also made physical therapy easier by giving me a wider range of motion making it possible to work more quickly through the different assortment of exercises.

Along with being able to get by on much less pain medication I feel having weekly massage appointments enabled me to eliminate the use of a walker and cane much sooner than I would have otherwise. Even though it is unusual to have both knees done at the same time, I compared my progress with several others who had had only one knee replaced during that period of time. I actually felt I not only kept up with them in recovery but in some cases had less problem recovering even though had both knees done at the same time.

Cris C.
Letter From: Jerry A.

Thanks, Pavel

For your skill, with deep tissue therapy that began the return to normal life style.

It s been 3 long years of dealing with hip replacement and pain before a new hip and then to correct the soft tissue problems.

The hip , back and leg relief is wonderful.


Jerry A.
Letter From: Linda B.

When I first called for an appointment my right knee cap had 'popped out' six weeks before. I was using crutches part of the time to get around. The knee was very swollen, painful and could not be straightened.

The first session with Pavel was PAINFUL, but when it was over I walked out with little use of my cane. Now several months later and bi-weekly sessions, my knee looks like a knee, it lays flat against the bed and pain for the most part is a thing of the past (only when I over do!).

I had never had this kind of therapeutic massage before, but have recommended it to several co-workers and friends. I am so pleased with the progress, I am more than willing to tell others that they, too, might have good fortune if not a better knee in the end.

Linda B.

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