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Conditions and Treatments

At Advanced Russian Physical Massage Therapy Clinic we provide more than just a massage -  you get manual therapy/soft tissue mobilization with myofascial pain release and hydrotherapy session.

Depending on your symptoms some passive stretching can be incorporated into your treatment.

If you have a specific problem, check out What our patients are saying page where you may read about a similar condition.

Medical Application

Physiological changes that take place under Massage Treatment are:
  • Opens pores in skin, improves secretion of sebaceous (oil) glands and air exchange
  • Removes toxic substances from skin and muscles
  • Influences central and peripheral nervous systems
  • Stabilizes blood pressure

Massage Treatment Improves:

  • Blood circulation in muscles and skin
  • Functions of liver, kidneys and spleen
  • Blood supply for bones and joints
  • Flow of lymph
  • Immune system

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